Genshin Impact: Best Domains And How To Clear Them

agosto 7, 2021

Domains make up the bulk of the gameplay in Genshin Impact. With domains for tutorials, level-up items, ascension materials, and talent books, there is no limit to the necessity of good domain management for players. Choosing which domains are important for each Genshin Impact player is incredibly important for a steady, easy-going lifestyle in-game. Failing to do so will result in a lot of stress due to last-minute grinding for materials, and slow level-up progress.

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Besides knowing which of Genshin Impact's domains are the best to raid, it's also important to understand how to clear them. Collecting items is a time-consuming task, so being able to clear these locations with peak efficiency is going to be a strong player's biggest asset.

Updated on August 7, 2021, by Scott Vengel: After the first few weeks of the Inazuma update, it is safe to say that Genshin Impact fans have a lot to look forward to in the next few years. With a compelling, darker story, diverse and loveable new characters, new local specialties, update 2.0 has heavily updated the game. More than anything, the new opponents and domains added to the region have been giving players not only a fun experience but also a lot of trouble for a select few. In order to ensure this list is up-to-date and to help players having trouble with the new domains, this article will be updated to include more details for clarity and new entries in response to Inazuma's addition to the game.


    14 Cecilia Garden

    Genshin Impact Cecilia Garden Entrance Trees Forest Red Light Stairway

    • Location: Wolvendom, Mondstadt
    • Domain Elements: Hydro
    • Optimal Team: Eula/Keqing/Fischl/Bennett
    • Alternate Team: Razor/Kaeya/Xiangling/Diona

    Rewards: Mondstadt Weapon Materials

    • Tile of Decarabian's Tower - Mon/Thu/Sun
    • Boreal Wolf's Milk Tooth - Tue/Fri/Sun
    • Fetters of the Dandelion Gladiator - Wed/Sat/Sun

    For weapon upgrading, there is no better Domain of Forgery than Cecilia Garden. It contains all of the materials for ascending Mondstadt-themed weapons (notably the most common type). However, it's important to remember that Cecilia Garden works on a scheduling system.

    The best day to clear Cecilia Garden is on Sunday when the domain hosts all three available material rewards. Hydro foes riddle Cecilia Garden, so make sure to bring an Electro, Cryo, or Pyro character along to this Genshin Impact domain.

    13 Hidden Palace of Lianshan Formula

    Genshin Impact Lianshan Formula Domain Battle Noelle Shield Maid Knight Claymore Light Slash Electro Slimes

    • Location: Mingyun Village, Liyue
    • Domain Elements: Electro
    • Optimal Team: Ganyu/Diluc/Bennett/Jean
    • Alternate Team: Yanfei/Chongyun/Xiangling/Barbara

    Rewards: Liyue Weapon Materials

    • Luminous Sands- Mon/Thu/Sun
    • Lead Elixir- Tue/Fri/Sun
    • Grain of Aerosiderite- Wed/Sat/Sun

    Cecilia Garden's cousin, Hidden Palace of Lianshan Formula, is Liyue's weapon domain. Once again, all three available ascension materials will be available on Sunday.

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    Unlike Cecilia Garden, however, this domain will feature Electro opponents, so make sure to plan accordingly. A Pyro DPS will make a world of difference here, especially one with a large zone of attack to help deal with the mix of slimes and Cicin Mages.

    12 Court of Flowing Sand

    Court of Flowing Sand genshin impact

    • Location: Narukami Island, Inazuma
    • Domain Elements: Hydro and Pyro; Electro at Level IV
    • Optimal Team: Ganyu/Zhongli/Ningguang/Qiqi
    • Alternate Team: Kaeya/Noelle/Ningguang/Diona

    Rewards: Inazuma Weapon Materials

    • Coral Branch - Mon/Thu/Sun
    • Narukami's Wisdom - Tue/Fri/Sun
    • Mask of the Wicked Lieutenant - Wed/Sat/Sun

    New with Inazuma's release, the Court of Flowing Sand offers weapon ascension materials for weapons from the country. Located in the North of Narukami Island, it is one of the first domains in the country for Genshin Impact players.

    The domain offers a grand mix of Pyro and Hydro opponents. Naturally, Cryo characters are best to bring, as Hydro enemies can be frozen and Pyro having a natural weakness to Cryo attacks. That said, Level IV difficulty switches it up with Electro opponents, however, the same mentality can be used when picking characters; nonetheless, players should be aware of this. Geo characters also have a natural boost in the dungeon.

    11 Taishan Mansion

    Genshin Impact Taishan Mansion Doorway Stones Grass

    • Location: Jueyun Karst, Liyue
    • Domain Elements: Pyro
    • Optimal Team: Ganyu/Tartaglia/Fischl/Qiqi
    • Alternate Team: Beidou/Kaeya/Xingqiu/Diona

    Rewards: Liyue Talent Level-Up Materials

    • Teachings of Prosperity - Mon/Thu/Sun
    • Teachings of Diligence - Tue/Fri/Sun
    • Teachings of Gold - Wed/Sat/Sun

    Talents are one of a few character traits that Genshin Impact players will want to increase quickly. To increase talents, players need to collect talent level-up materials. Taishan Mansion is one of the domains to collect these materials for Liyue characters.

    With so many Pyro enemies, players should include a resistant element like Hydro in their team. Players should also note that they will periodically take Pyro damage by just being in the domain (should the inflicted opponent not be removed). Thus, having an able-bodied healer is essential here. Note that there is a schedule system concerning rewards in this domain, so players should plan accordingly.

    10 Forsaken Rift

    Genshin Impact Forsaken Rift Domain Entrance Cave Torches Razor

    • Location: Springvale, Mondstadt
    • Domain Elements: Cryo
    • Optimal Team: Hu Tao/Keqing/Xingqiu/Bennett
    • Alternate Team: Xiangling/Razor/Lisa/Bennett

    Rewards: Mondstadt Talent Level-Up Materials

    • Teachings of Freedom - Mon/Thu/Sun
    • Teachings of Resistance - Tue/Fri/Sun
    • Teachings of Ballad - Wed/Sat/Sun

    Located in Springvale, Forsaken Rift is the Mondstadt equivalent to Liyue's Taishan Mansion. Any character hailing from Mondstadt will need to retrieve their materials from this domain.

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    Forsaken Rift is the opposite of Taishan Mansion, in the sense that it features Cryo enemies. Pyro is by far the best element to target enemies in this domain, so using a Pyro DPS like Diluc will benefit Genshin Impact players immensely. Electro is a good alternative for players that lack a good Pyro character.

    9 Violet Court

    genshin impact violet court domain

    • Location: Narukami Island, Inazuma
    • Domain Elements: Electro, Pyro, Cryo (in Level IV)
    • Optimal Team: Keqing/Razor/Xingqiu/Noelle
    • Alternate Team: Beidou/Traveler (Electro)/Bennett/Diona

    Rewards: Inazuma Talent Level-Up Materials

    • Teachings of Transience - Mon/Thu/Sun
    • Teachings of Elegance - Tue/Fri/Sun
    • Teachings of Light - Wed/Sat/Sun

    Located on a lone island off the outskirts of Narukami Island, Violet Court is where Inazuma characters will get their talent materials. Going just west of Inazuma City, players looking to build new characters are going to want to unlock this domain early.

    The domain offers a diverse set of Hilichurl and Treasure Hunter opponents, most specialized in Electro attacks. That said, because most aren't infused with their element, type advantages will mean less than other domains. For this reason, players will want to take advantage of the Electro damage boost of the domain and load their team with an Electro DPS or sub-DPS.

    8 Momiji Dyed Court

    genshin impact momiji dyed court yoimiya domain

    • Location: Yashiori Island, Inazuma
    • Domain Elements: Electro
    • Optimal Team: Ganyu/Hu Tao/Xingqiu/Bennett
    • Alternate Team: Chongyun/Xiangling/Xingqiu/Diona

    Rewards: Shimenawa's Reminiscence, Emblem of Severed Fate

    Inazuma's release has been very forgiving for both DPS and support units. Located on Yashiori Island, Momiji Dyed Court is one of the few artifact domains in Inazuma so far. It offers the following sets:

    • Shimenawa's ReminiscenceIncreases attack damage
    • Emblem of Severed Fate: Increases energy recharge

    However, completing the domain in Genshin Impact is not a walk in the park; the domain offers a tough set of Electro opponents (including a Lawachurlat Level IV.) The domain offers a switching bonus towards Pyro and Cryo damage, so building teams with this in mind will yield players the best results.

    7 Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern

    Genshin Impact Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern Barbara Idol Hydro Cryo Water Ice Shield Music Notes Abyss Mages Domain

    • Location: Mt. Aozang, Liyue
    • Domain Elements: Pyro, Cryo, Hydro (in Level III)
    • Optimal Team: Zhongli/Ningguang/Xingqiu/Qiqi
    • Alternate Team: Yanfei/Diona/Xingqiu/Noelle

    Rewards: Bloodstained Chivalry, Noblesse Oblige

    Located to the north of Mount Aozang, Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern can be a hectic domain for artifact seekers. Each challenge is fairly straightforward: the first and second offer Cryo and Pyro Abyss Mages, the third adds a Hydro Mage. Simple elemental knowledge will make it easy to clear this domain. Players should focus on one mage at a time, as they can regain their shields quickly.

    After completing Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern, the player will find a reward of either Bloodstained Chivalry or Noblesse Oblige. The latter is one of the most renowned artifact sets in the game, increasing elemental burst damage.

    6 Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula

    Genshin Impact Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula Entrance Swamp Mountain Eerie

    • Location: Wuwang Hill, Liyue
    • Domain Elements: Electro, Hydro, Pyro
    • Optimal Team: Hu Tao/Ganyu/Mona/Qiqi
    • Alternate Team: Yanfei/Kaeya/Xingqiu/Diona

    Rewards: Lavawalker, Crimson Witch of Flames

    Few want to trek up the long roads of Wuwang Hill, with its spooky scenery and tricky foes. That said, the treasures in the Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula are worth the trouble. This is especially true if the player is using a Pyro character.

    Home to both the Lavawalker and Crimson Witch of Flames artifact sets, the Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula is a necessary evil for Pyro-centric teams. Exact teams depend on the level: levels 1 and 3 will be easily done with a Pyro character given their Electro-centric compositions. However, be aware that a Hydro character will make a difference in challenge 2.

    5 Domain of Guyun

    Genshin Impact Ningguang Rock Geo Attack Ruin Guard Missile Domain of Guyun

    • Location: Guyun Stone Forest, Liyue
    • Domain Elements: Hydro, Pyro, Cryo
    • Optimal Team: Keqing/Ganyu/Xingqiu/Qiqi
    • Alternate Team: Razor/Kaeya/Bennett/Diona

    Rewards: Archaic Petra, Retracing Bolide

    The Domain of Guyun is interesting in that it offers a lot of variety in its opponents. The enemies in each challenge will differ greatly in element and capability, making elemental knowledge the biggest asset to a person clearing this domain.

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    Nonetheless, the rewards for clearing the Domain of Guyun are extremely beneficial, especially for defense-centric players. This domain offers Archaic Petra and Retracing Bolide artifacts. These increase Geo-strength and defense respectively, both compatible with characters like the shield-user Noelle.

    4 Ascension Domains

    Genshin Impact Ascension Domain Entrance Door Stone Stairway Torches Beidou Pirate Sunset Shadow

    • Location: Midsummer Courtyard, Mondstadt
    • Domain Elements: Pyro, Cryo, Electro
    • Optimal Team: Diluc/Ganyu/Xingqiu/Jean
    • Alternate Team: Xiangling/Diona/Bennett/Barbara

    Rewards: Shrine of Depths Keys, World Level increase

    Adventure Rank is a major way that players in the Genshin Impact community determine their progress. However, many forget about the Ascension Domains associated with certain milestones in Genshin Impact's story, which often grant a hefty reward for their completion.

    Putting together a strong enough team can make completing these domains infinitely easier. With a Ruin Guard and an Electro Hypostasis boss in each one, bring an archer of some kind to make clearing an Ascension domain easier.

    3 The Golden House

    Genshin Impact Tartaglia Childe Golden House Money Golden Sigils

    • Location: Golden House, Liyue
    • Domain Elements: Hydro, Electro
    • Optimal Team: Diluc/Ganyu/Xingqiu/Qiqi
    • Alternate Team: Xiangling/Chongyun/Noelle/Diona

    Rewards: Tartaglia's Talent Level-Up Materials

    The Golden House of Liyue is one of three weekly domain-style bosses in Genshin Impact that the player must consistently clear. This domain drops unique materials needed to upgrade the talents of some characters past level 6. Thus, as a character like Ganyu, beating Tartaglia each week helps progress the gameplay forward.

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    Tartaglia can be a little bit tricky to deal with, given that his three stages vary in different ways. While his first and third stages are very similar, focusing on long and medium-range attacks, the second stage features fast-paced melee attacks. Learning Tartaglia's patterns and utilizing elemental reactions will help to speed this domain challenge along.

    2 Azhdaha's Domain

    genshin impact azdaha zhongli shield trounce domain boss fight

    • Location: Mt. Hulao, Liyue
    • Domain Elements: Geo, Hydro, Cryo, Electro, Pyro
    • Optimal Team: Ganyu/Zhongli/Diona/Noelle
    • Alternate Team: Beidou/Xinyan/Diona/Noelle

    Rewards: Azhdaha's Talent Level-Up Materials

    The Geo dragon of Liyue, Azhdaha was the Trounce Domain last added to the game before Inazuma's release. Hidden at the bottom of Mt. Hulao, Azhdaha cannot be unlocked until after Zhongli's second story quest.

    Players should be aware that having a shield character will be vital for beating Azhdaha. The best characters for this include Zhongli, Noelle, Diona, and even Xinyan. Another peculiarity is that Azhdaha will always have two of four elemental forms, which will be noted at the entrance; players can rest assured that Azhdaha does not have immunity to these elements during use.

    1 Confront Stormterror

    Genshin Impact Dvalin Domain Dragon Wind Current Venti Bard Sky Storms

    • Location: Stormterror's Lair, Mondstadt
    • Domain Elements: Anemo
    • Optimal Team: Venti/Ganyu/Fischl/Noelle
    • Alternate Team: Amber/Fischl/Yanfei/Diona

    Rewards: Dvalin's Talent Level-Up Materials

    The climax of Mondstadt's part of the World Quest, Stormterror is the second oldest of the four weekly bosses. Once again, Stormterror is essential for its unique talent ascension materials that players will need after level 6.

    Beating Stormterror is a fairly simple task. Players are going to need an archer, at least for the portions where Dvalin is in the air. However, any weapon type can be used for his immobile periods; packing one high-powered DPS in a different weapon type may be advisable for some Genshin Impact players.

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