13 Mods That Leave High Expectations For The Elder Scrolls 6

mayo 31, 2021

Skyrim is regarded by many as the - if not one of the - best The Elder Scrolls games to date. While that may be a matter for debate, Skyrim is undoubtedly the franchises' most successful installment to date. Combined the original and special edition of Skyrim has sold over thirty-seven million copies and counting. Despite its accomplishments, Skyrim's base game is generally lackluster compared to its predecessors. Fortunately, numerous inventive fans made up for its shortcomings through modding.

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Skyrim has become a pinnacle in the modding community boasting some of the most impressive mods ever seen. Many mods work to create engrossing worlds, introduce new features, or provide ridiculous situations for players to face. However, the most impressive mods are those that stand apart from Skyrim as independent masterpieces. These mods have garnered the attention of fans throughout the world and influenced RPG players to hold higher standards especially for The Elder Scrolls 6.


    13 Immersive Weapons By Hothtrooper44

    Skyrim Unique Bone Hammer

    Skyrim's selection of weapons is incomparable to previous The Elder Scrolls titles. Certain weapon types were removed from the game altogether while the remainder has diminished in quality. Skyrim's weaponry is unimpressive and cartoon-like compared to previous installments. Even unique weapons hold the same lackluster qualities which devalue the seemingly renowned weaponry. Skyrim's weapons are overall disappointing, but the mod author Hothtrooper44 has worked tirelessly to enhance them.

    Hothtrooper44's mod Immersive Weapons aims to alter existing weapons and add on to Skyrim's selection. Many of the clunky or cartoonish weapons have been changed to look more realistic and appealing. Moreover, unique weapons have been improved to reflect their distinction from the norm. Hothtrooper44 introduced 230 new weapons and 21 new weapon types to offer players a wider assortment to choose from. Immersive Weapon's phenomenal changes to Skyrim's expansive armory must be provided by The Elder Scrolls 6.

    12 Immersive Armors By Hothtrooper44

    Skyrim Unique Armor Set

    Armor in Skyrim is generally more appealing than its weapons, but it still has its flaws. Generally, armor throughout Skyrim lacks diversity, creating an unrealistic trend of numerous NPCs wearing the same set. Moreover, it is absurd to think that high-ranking officials would wear armor the same or similar to their subordinates. Even Skyrim's unique armor lacks any considerable differences that set it apart. Overall Skyrim's armor selection needs work and Hothtrooper44 has once again risen to the challenge.

    Hothtrooper44's mod Immersive Armors revamps existing armor and introduces new sets to Skyrim's collection. Nearly every base game armor has been altered and many have been given special variations. In addition, Skyrim's more notable NPC's have been granted their own custom armor sets. Hothtrooper44 has implemented fifty-five new armor sets - with variants - along with other miscellaneous visual items. Immersive Armor's astounding alterations to Skyrim's armors give The Elder Scrolls 6 a lot to live up to.

    11 Summermyst - Enchantments Of Skyrim By EnaiSiaion

    An Enchanting Table

    Skyrim's enchanting system works to grant equipment magical abilities that benefit players or deter enemies. Each enchantment proves to be useful but the limited number available leaves little variety. Moreover, most enchantments are considerably dull for the fantastical world of Skyrim. Enchantments should be extraordinary enhancements capable of doing the impossible. The mod author EnaiSiaion has worked to introduce the unthinkable.

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    EnaiSiaion's mod Summermyst -Enchantments of Skyrim is an expansive mod that challenges reality. This mod provides 71 armor and 49 weapon enchantments for players to use. New armor enchantments are capable of much more than basic stat boosts. New weapon enchantments can inflict an exponential number of debuffs upon enemies. Overall, these enchantments offer players exciting enhancements that take advantage of The Elder Scrolls' limitless possibilities. The Elder Scrolls 6 should utilize the endless potential of its universe just as Summermyst has done.

    10 Phenderix Magic Evolved By Phenderix

    Dragonborn Using Phenderix Spell

    For a fantasy RPG, Skyrim is severely lacking in otherworldly aspects that make the genre appealing. Namely, Skyrim's magic is underwhelming compared to previous The Elder Scrolls games where almost anything was possible. The renowned mages of previous games have been reduced to spellcasters utilizing solely fireball. Regardless of Nord's disdain for magic Skyrim should not have diminished the magic of The Elder Scrolls games. Phenderix has sought to revitalize Skyrim's magic system through the introduction of various new spells.

    Phenderix Magic Evolved implements numerous spells capable of doing the unthinkable. It adds over 170 spells that introduce new mechanics, effects, and playstyles to Skyrim. Rather than endlessly launching fireballs mages can combine various spells to take down opponents. Even non-mage characters can utilize magic to travel, control time, or grant buffs. With Phenderix Magic Evolved players idea of magic has changed drastically leaving The Elder Scrolls 6 to try and meet fans new standard.

    9 Imperious - Races Of Skyrim By EnaiSiaion

    A Split Image Of Skyrims Races

    Skyrim provides players with ten unique races to choose from. Each race has its own special powers, stat bonuses, and resistances that differentiate them from others. Nonetheless, even with these enhancements, there is not much to persuade players in using one race over the other. A mod by EnaiSiaion works to make each race distinct by granting them phenomenal powers.

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    EnaiSiaion's mod Imperious - Races of Skyrim implements unique racial abilities and a quest to every race. Along with their standard stat boost, each race is granted power related to their background. For example, Nords are notoriously xenophobic so fittingly their ability The Purge makes them more effective against certain races. New quests grant each race a new and powerful ability. Imperious has made race a more significant choice which is a feature that The Elder Scrolls 6 should implement.

    8 Ordinator - Perks Of Skyrim By EnaiSiaion

    Skyrim's Skill Tree Background

    Skyrim's perk system allows players to dictate their character's various proficiencies. Players can focus their skill points on any of three distinct categories: the mage, the warrior, or the thief. However, nearly every skill provided is generally dull or ineffective. This in turn makes character building a tedious and unexciting process. Fortunately, EnaiSiaion has created a mod to provide new and interesting possibilities for players.

    EnaiSiaion's mod Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim revamps each skill tree and implements new abilities for characters. Instead of limiting characters to a simple thief, warrior, or mage Ordinator works to expand player's options. For instance, characters focusing on Smithing can deviate from being a warrior entirely and instead work as a mechanic with dwarven autocannons. The seemingly endless possibilities have created a new standard for The Elder Scrolls 6's skill system.

    7 Inigo By Smartbluecat

    Inigo & The Dragonborn

    Skyrim provides players with numerous followers to choose from. Whether players hire them or earn their loyalty does not matter as they will work tirelessly to protect the player. Despite their loyalty, many of these followers lack the proper characteristics that give them a real personality. Most followers are subject to repeating several lines of dialogue and disregarding every event. The mod author Smartbluecat has created a follower mod that greatly surpasses Skyrim's best followers.

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    Smartbluecat's new follower Inigo is a Khajiit capable of interacting with players and the world, unlike any other NPC. With over 7000 lines of dialogue, Inigo can communicate with the player, other NPCs, and enemies extensively without repeating himself. In addition, Inigo will respond appropriately to events that occur in the story or during combat. Inigo is also capable of executing new strategies or fighting styles if the player asks them to. Inigo has brought new meaning to what a follower should be leaving The Elder Scrolls 6 with much to live up to.

    6 Interesting NPCs By Kristakahashi

    New NPCs From Interesting NPCs

    There are many different NPCs within the diverse world of Skyrim. People of various races and backgrounds can be found throughout the world yet there is little that sets them apart. Despite Skyrim's diverse population, most NPCs lack any special story or characteristics that make them truly unique. The mod author Kristakahashi aims to change that by adding a considerable number of fascinating NPCs.

    Kristakahashi's mod Interesting NPCs introduces numerous NPCs capable of much more than Skyrim's basic characters. There are over 250 new NPCs capable of many voice lines and opportunities for players to roleplay.  This creates a rewarding experience for players exploring Skyrim and interacting with its people. Interesting NPCs engross players in the world of Skyrim, and it would have the same effect in The Elder Scrolls 6.

    5 Monster Mod By TiggyUK

    The Monster Dreugh

    The Elder Scrolls universe is filled with countless diverse creatures for players to face. Yet Skyrim is void of many interesting monsters that are said to be found throughout its territory. Even the Dragonborn DLC lacks many creatures previously present in the hostile environment of Solstheim. Without an expansive list of monsters, many confrontations become predictable and dull. Luckily, the mod author TiggyUK has worked tirelessly to integrate an extensive number of monsters new and old.

    TiggyUK's Monster Mod adds a great deal of diversity and difficulty to the bland level lists of Skyrim. This mod adds many monsters of The Elder Scrolls into Skyrim. In addition, new monsters have been added to keep the game interesting and respectful to Skyrim. Everywhere that players traverse will hold new dangers rather than consistently encountering frostbite spiders and draugrs. Players exposed to Monster Mod will be left wanting more and they hope that The Elder Scrolls 6 will provide.

    4 Faction - Pit Fighter By Thirteen Oranges

    Pit Fighters

    Skyrim's factions are notable additions to the world that offer players roleplaying opportunities. Each faction functions differently and holds distinct beliefs from one another. While every faction is considerably unalike, they achieve very little in immersing players into their organization. The quests and progression occur suddenly without any real feeling of development. Regardless of player's status, they should not receive major advancements or responsibilities immediately. The mod author Thirteen Oranges worked to create a new and realistic faction for players to join.

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    Thirteen Orange's mod Faction- Pit Fighter introduces an organization of pit fighters for players to join. Players can join this faction and fight against seemingly insurmountable odds. At first, players start as rookies, and only through defeating various difficult enemies can they rank up. It is a taxing process but after many victories, players will be granted better rewards and benefits. Moreover, the faction provides many quests to keep players occupied and even a mod expansion for those that complete them. Faction - Pit Fighter exemplifies what a faction should be, and The Elder Scrolls 6 should look to it for guidance.

    3 The Great Cities - Minor Cities And Towns By Soldierofwar

    The Great City Of Windhelm

    Skyrim's major cities are prosperous locations that players visit quite often. Every city has a unique design and atmosphere different from anywhere else in Skyrim. However, while its major cities are distinct, many of Skyrim's lesser settlements lack the same individuality. Even important locations like Dragon Bridge are surprisingly unimpressive. The mod author Soldierofwar has revamped these minor settlements through their expansive mod.

    Soldierofwar's mod The Great Cities - Minor Cities and Towns revamps nearly every minor city in Skyrim. When redesigning, Soldierofwar took into account each city's function and history. Such as Dawnstar which has been altered to better reflect its prominence as a port city. No longer is every city a copy with a different name but a settlement that stands out from the rest. The diversity that this mod brings has left many players with high expectations for the cities of The Elder Scrolls 6.

    2 Moonpath To Elswyer By Muppetpuppet

    Moonpath To Elswyer

    Skyrim's DLC introduced players to unique worlds entirely different from the base game. The harsh Soltheim and the mystical Forgotten Vale grant players an experience beyond the cold landscape of Skyrim. While each DLC provides players a phenomenal experience they lack depth and expansiveness. The mod author Muppetpuppet has created a mod that reflects everything DLCs should aim to achieve.

    Muppetpuppet's mod Moonpath to Elswyer takes players on a grand journey to the homeland of the Khajiit. From the moment players arrive in Elswyer, they will notice a considerable difference from the province of Skyrim. It creates an engrossing atmosphere unique from Skyrim and its DLC.  Moonpath has raised the bar for DLCs and The Elder Scrolls 6.

    1 The Forgotten City By The ModernStoryteller

    Dragonborn In The Forgotten City

    Its cliche story and uneventful conclusion often result in Skyrim's considerable criticism by fans. Previous The Elder Scrolls games put Skyrim to shame and have resulted in many disappointed fans. After arriving in Sovngarde for the epic final battle players instead face a glorified dragon with meteors. It is not the worst story but certainly not the best. The ModernStroyteller has created a mod that works to make up for Skyrim's lackluster main questline.

    The ModernStoryteller's mod The Forgotten City is one of the most renowned and accomplished mods of all time. Its story takes players through a 6-8 hour murder mystery adventure in an ancient city. Rather than presenting a linear questline, The Forgotten City presents a seemingly endless number of decisions and endings. Every action has its consequences and players will often have to repeat or rethink situations carefully to progress through the story. Nearly every playthrough is unique and to experience this mod to its fullest players will have to play it again. The Forgotten City reflects everything that a questline should offer and The Elder Scrolls 6 should use it as a guideline for their story.

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